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Handcrafted gin on the island of Gotland


from Stafva Manor


Our Dry Gin is influenced by Gotland's unique environment, its contrasting harsh and lush elements, and the dynamic forces of the sea and wind. The spicing is a combination of local herbs such as wild thyme, rosemary, and bedstraw that are complemented by blood orange, a heat from horseradish, and a floral note from lavender. The flavors are bound together by a subtle touch of salty bladderwrack and the mineral-rich water of Gotland.

The gin is artisanally produced at Stafva Manor, with a history dating back to the 13th century.

All our products are gluten-free.

the art of gin

Distinctively irresistible

Our goal is to craft beverages that are impeccably balanced, showcasing elegant and robust flavors that are distinctive. There should always be an element of complexity, and each product should exude pure and elevated flavors. Our aspiration is for our love of craftsmanship and the unique essence of Gotland to be evident in every sip.

Exquisite ingredients

We meticulously choose the highest-quality ingredients from our local region. Each tiny element is crucial to maintain the utmost quality, ensuring a unique and exclusive taste experience that few can rival."


Bottle by bottle, label by label. Most is done by hand, but for us, craftsmanship is about so much more. It's about the processes of setting recipes, refining flavors, visiting local growers, picking rosehips on a rainy autumn day, watering our own grown musk mallow and lavender, designing bottles and labels, but above all, allowing curiosity to have room and taking the time to smell and taste.


Craftsmanship in pursuit of taste

Circular thinking

The Bottle

Just as the island of Gotland is a mosaic of historical richness and natural beauty, this wavy glass bottle, with its countless bubbles, is a testament to the artistry of the elements. It stands not just as a container but as a poetic embodiment of the island's soul, a microcosm of enduring tales, all captured within the swirling dance of glass and air. Feel free to embrace elegance and environmental consciousness with our beautifully designed glass bottle. Reusable, sustainable, and exquisitely crafted, it's not just a bottle – it's a message.

Natural ingredients

Our Flavorings


It serves as the essential core and cornerstone of our gin. Initially, we exclusively relied on Gotlandic juniper, but as our production has grown, we've had to supplement it with juniper possessing a similar profile. Interestingly, juniper has been a part of Gotland's local and ancient tradition of fresh beer (dricku) since sometime between the 3rd and 7th centuries AD.

Coriander Seeds

Brings a significant portion of the citrusy tones and freshness to our gin. Coriander seeds are among the oldest spice plants cultivated, with origins in India, China, and Egypt, making their way to Europe through Roman trade. They made their appearance in Sweden during the 11th to 13th centuries.


Originally from the Mediterranean, but actually grows wild on Fårö, north of Gotland. Rosemary contributes lemony notes and pine character, along with a touch of menthol and mild spiciness. In ancient times, this aromatic plant was known as the herb of good memory, and Greek scholars could be seen wearing a wreath of rosemary during their examinations.


Bladderwrack imparts the gin with its body and depth while introducing subtle hints of the sea. Bladderwrack is prevalent along the entire coastline of Sweden, spanning from the west coast to the Baltic Sea, and extending up to the Gulf of Bothnia. It can reach an impressive age of up to 50 years.

Sweet Woodruff

Musk mallow is found in the wild across almost the entire island of Gotland. During medieval times, it served as a medicinal plant and was believed to herald the arrival of spring, bringing joy and a sense of lightness when added to invigorating beverages. Musk mallow's distinctive character is largely attributed to the presence of coumarin, a compound found in many grasses as well as cinnamon. Its aroma is often described as reminiscent of freshly harvested hay.

Wild Thyme

The wild thyme native to Gotland has a rich history, serving dual roles in both culinary and medicinal realms. Beyond its culinary delights, it has been employed in fortifying herbal teas to alleviate conditions like coughs, sore throats, hangovers, and sleeplessness. In Sweden's past, thyme was even placed in a newborn's crib to safeguard the mother and thwart trolls from exchanging the baby.

Blood Orange

We incorporate the zest of blood oranges into our gin. Blood oranges possess a slightly spicier and more herbaceous profile compared to regular oranges, with subtle grapefruit undertones. The majority of blood oranges are grown in Sicily, Italy, making them the most exotic component in our gin. Their season is brief, commencing just before Christmas and extending through January to February. As a result, by the end of January, we zest extensively and stock the freezer. The remaining blood oranges are dried and serve as garnish.


A significant portion of the sharpness in our gin is derived from horseradish. We obtain our horseradish from Stora Tollby, situated just around a mile north of our distillery. In Sweden, horseradish has served as both a spice and medicinal plant since medieval times. Its root is rich in vitamin C and was frequently used in the past to ward off scurvy during long sea voyages.

Rosehip Seeds

We personally harvest the rosehips and initiate a lengthy procedure to extract the flesh from the seeds, which are subsequently dried. The seeds possess a flavor akin to the flesh but with a subtly nutty character. Rosehips thrive naturally throughout Gotland and have historically been essential for addressing the demand for vitamin C during the cold winter season.


We carefully infuse our gin with lavender to lend it a delightful floral quality. A significant portion of our lavender is grown by us and subsequently dried. Lavender has its origins in southern France, northwestern, and southern Italy, but it's now a common sight in most gardens across Gotland. This aromatic herb has a long history in folk medicine for inducing relaxation and alleviating anxiety.

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